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This deviation was deleted

I like the idea behind this picture.
The flowing hair seems to be the centre of the picture which is a good thing because i think you intended this.
It has a nice painted style.
The background is simple but not flat and dont drags the intention of the viewer away from the main picture.

But now for some more usefull critique:

I see that you often try to draw without outlines, which is an interesting style of art.
I wonder how many layers you used, because the colors seem very blurred.
You need those hard borders to separate the object from the background but you will not need outlines to achieve this.

I dont know how your scetch looks like but the location of her (from the viewers point) left breast looks kinda weird to me, like it is way too far on the left of her body.
Those sketchy lines in the hair may be not the best choice.
Try to use some shading to separate the individual strands.

All told, you did good with this picture, it has a really feminine apearance!
The Artist thought this was FAIR
2 out of 2 deviants thought this was fair.


Thank you very much for the critique! To answer your question, I used six layers. I really apreciate your advice and will take it into account with my future drawings and will try to fix this up as best I can and update it. Again, thank you very much :D
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